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A description of the four vtpsa program follows: High-Intensity Prison Program.
Classify each sex offender according to his risk of future offending.
This program is made up of a statewide network of 13 programs geographically dispersed throughout Vermont.
The program census ranges from 0 5 women at any given time.The program is located at the Southeast State Correctional Facility in Windsor.Visit the Vermont Sex Offender Public Website.A polygrapher is contracted part-time to conduct approximately 165 polygraph exams a year on sex offenders referred to him by DOC.State statute requires that the requestor provide the name of a subject as the basis for the query.

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The lowest risk cases are those that are assessed as being manageable in the community with close supervision and outpatient treatment.
The vtpsa places sex offenders in the programs using two primary evidence-based correctional strategies.
The program is staffed on-site by 2 full-time equivalent masters level mental health professionals.The vtpsa is composed of three prison-based programs and a network of 13 community-based sex offender treatment programs.This is because the impact of treatment services is greater among higher risk offenders than lower risk ones.The program has 48-beds and is located at the Northwest State Correctional Facility.Information in the Registry may also be disclosed to the following agencies, organizations, or persons: Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies exclusively for law enforcement purposes; State and federal governmental agencies for the exclusive purpose of conducting confidential background checks; Any employer, including.Aftercare Community Programs (Level A or B).This program provides treatment to sex offenders sentenced to probation as well as to offenders returning to the community from prison on supervised release.

The program is 6 months long and offenders receive about two hours of treatment per week.