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Same sex marriage referendum date ireland

As a result, only in extreme circumstances can an abortion take place.
The no in las treffen sex Frau vegas to abortion and divorce in the 19 referendums set the cause of the political left back by decades.
In total, 1,201,607 people voted in favour with 734,300 against, giving a majority of 467,307.
The No vote there finished with.4 per cent.
Of the eight women of varying ages who agreed to speak to me, not one intended to vote against repealing the amendment.Bridie Connolly eloquently encapsulated a prevailing sentiment among these women.Yes campaigner and Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power said gay campaigners who told their stories on the doorsteps of voters had helped to change Ireland for all of us, not just the gay community.This is when it will become intense and when rancour will enter the debate.What people failed to acknowledge, she says is that Roscommon has the highest concentration of elderly people in Ireland.The Irish are used to referendums.The total valid poll was 1,935,907.This is why Fridays vote was as much about a nation growing up and freeing itself from the shackles of the Catholic church and giving respect to fellow humans as it was about same-sex marriage.

While outwardly there was some support for the kind of sexual liberalisation that the US and the UK had enjoyed in the 1960s and 1970s, inwardly Ireland was lurching into the firmer grip of the Catholic church.
There is no easy answer and I think many people on the No side would concede that there may be circumstances when abortion is advisable, but I think the Taoiseach has made a mistake in opening it up to an on-demand level.
Harris added: It is really important that people do not sit at home and presume somebody else will make the decision for you.
As with the last referendum, media facilities were made available at Dublin Castle, and a large international contingent was in attendance.Ireland right now is experiencing convulsions.Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the referendum turnout showed the palpable movement of people wanting to be involved.Irelands Prime minister Leo Varadkar (Photo by ludovic marin/AFP/Getty Images).In the end there was just one.I would like to have seen that the rights of gay and lesbian men and women could have been respected without changing the definition of marriage.The Irish government, led by Leo Varadkar, one of only two out gay world leaders, has confirmed that the countrys referendum on abortion will be held on Friday 25 May.