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2009: Ausstellung Focal Point Gallery, London, Southend-on-Sea, Kuratiert von Prof.That in connection with the Exhibition Women Artists International at the Charlottenberger Schloss Berlin.Englisch sex Täter Karte 98383 Version: Exhibitions - 2018: Exhibition Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin.2013: Ausstellung Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Kanada.1979: Ausstellung..
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Duration of lactation amenorrhoea.
The evidence for the comparison of additional early water or glucose water versus exclusive breastfeeding had very low quality of evidence for hypoglycaemia at 12 and 24 hours of life, weight change at 72 hours of life and weight loss at three and five days.
One older study in this review mentioned the cost of the early fluids additional to mother's milk and one study referred to possible concerns from contamination of the intervention fluids and foods.
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing 1995;24:464-74.Confidence in breastfeeding As part of the larger study of mothers of low birthweight infants in Honduras ( Dewey 1999 the mothers' reactions to attempting to breastfeed exclusively for four or six months and the obstacles they encountered were explored using interviews, focus groups and.Exclusion criteria: " Infants who had consumed anything other than breast milk or water since birth, were part of multiple births, were born prematurely, had any serious medical condition, or were participating intersex dating website in other medical research were not eligible for enrolment.Lindfors 1988 Methods Quasi-RCT.This implies the definition of EBF was not in accordance with WHO guidelines.Black 2013 Black RE, Victora CG, Walker SP, Bhutta ZA, Christian P, de Onis P,.Wiley Online Library Web of Science Times Cited: Osborn LM, Bolus.Non-exclusive breastfeeding infants (artificial milk) versus exclusive breastfeeding infant (comparison 1) Primary outcomes.The intervention of additional artificial milk did not effect the number of infants with any breastfeeding at hospital discharge (risk ratio (RR).02, 95 confidence interval (CI).97.08; participants 100; low-quality evidence ) and the intervention resulted in a marginally higher number with.The studies reviewed came reife date finder from a wide range of countries and are published in English.If asymmetry is suggested by a visual assessment, we will perform exploratory analyses to investigate.Schmitz 1992 No exclusively breastfeeding group.

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Other bias Unclear risk Some information on partial or EBF was obtained via telephone conversations (maternal recall of illness symptoms) and this is open to recall bias.
A suggested range of values considered as hypoglycaemia are between 30 and 50 mg/dL (1.7.8 mmol/L) ( Wright 2006 however, older studies may use different values.
This trial highlighted concerns about the quantity of glucose water used, up to 70 mL/kg/day, when given based on the mother's or staff perception of the need for the supplement as giving large amounts of water/glucose water may displace nutrients that would be provided.
Non-exclusive breastfeeding (water or glucose water) versus exclusive breastfeeding infants (comparison 2) Primary outcomes.PubMed Web of Science Times Cited: 18 Dewey KG, Cohen RJ, Brown KH, Rivera.Jonsdottir OH, Fewtrell MS, Gunnlaugsson G, Kleinman RE, Hibberd PL, Jonsdottir JM,.Noel-Weiss 2006 Noel-Weiss J, Rupp A, Cragg B, Bassett V, Woodend.Summary of main results Additional artifical milk formula to breastfeeding babies in the first few days after birth In two trials with a similar protocol, giving infants 10 mL of hydrolysed formula via feeding syringe according to a schedule after feeding at the breast.

New England Journal of Medicine 2015;372:803-13.
Perkin 2016 Methods RCT.