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Hypercapnia Main article: Hypercapnia Excessive level of carbon dioxide in the body.
25 Steam catapults edit The modern steam-powered catapult, powered by steam from the ship's boilers or reactors, was invented by Commander.C.
Typically used when diving with gas mixtures not supported by the algorithm, in which case decompression tables are used to monitor and control the decompression schedule.
Newtsuit Main article: Newtsuit An atmospheric diving suit designed and originally built by Phil Nuytten.
"EN 14153-1 / ISO 24801-1".London: Health and Safety Executive.The harness often has other functions such as supporting weighting and buoyancy control systems and for recovery of the diver from the water.Electro-galvanic oxygen sensor An electro-chemical fuel sex kontakte sachsen anhalt cell which produces a voltage proportional to the partial pressure of oxygen.3 integrated weight system Any system for carrying dive weights on the buoyancy compensator or diving safety harness, avoiding the use of a separate weight harness or weightbelt.K-cylinder Bulk high pressure gas storage cylinder size designation (approximately 50 litres internal volume) Kelly Kelly tube see tube K-valve Further information: Diving cylinder Types of cylinder valve Scuba cylinder valve without reserve mechanism.A valve which opens the gas supply from the bailout cylinder of a surface supplied diver, used in case of surface gas failure, usually mounted on the side of a diving helmet or full-face mask, or on a manifold block on the diver's harness.

It is assumed that there is no gas transfer between tissue compartments by diffusion.
Compare with active addition pendulum rebreather Also push-pull rebreather.
"The innocent man was framed by the police" Enmesh GYP deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance "She defrauded the customers who trusted her "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change" a swindle in which you cheat.
Now since ab, or bd, is assumed to be the measure of the time and of the momentum momentum velocitatis acquired by falling from rest at b through the distance bd, it follows that bg will measure the time and also the momentum impetus acquired.The harness may carry the weights directly, or they may be carried in pockets on the harness.Controlled emergency swimming ascent also cesa Main article: Controlled emergency swimming ascent An emergency technique for surfacing, usually when no breathable gas is available at depth.15 life support technician see LST lifting bag Main article: Lifting bag A robust and air-tight bag with straps, which is used to lift heavy objects underwater by means of the bag's buoyancy.If therefore we lay off bo, equal to bg, the diagonal line joining a and o will represent the momentum at the point e; because the length ab has been assumed to represent the momentum at b which, after diversion into a horizontal direction, remains.6 block adaptor Screw-in adaptor fitting which is fitted to a 200/240 bar DIN pillar valve to allow connection of a yoke regulator or filling whip.60 multilevel dive A dive profile in which the diver remains in more than one distinct depth ranges for a significant period before beginning final ascent to the surface (excluding decompression stops).Diving operations in which divers are transported in and deployed from a closed bell, either as a surface oriented (bell bounce) or saturation dive.91 working pressure Maximum filling pressure rating for the cylinder at standard temperature.

Other nations operate nuclear-powered submarines, but thus far only France has a nuclear-powered carrier, the Charles de Gaulle.