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But the other little girl had no parents.
The same Indians took him and another lad between them, and went be3'-ond the second mountain; having gone six times through streams of water, and always carried him across.
Privates: Christian Bough, Simon Snider.This township is well supplied with streams of water, which afford abundance of water power for mills,.An order was drawn, Sept.These Indians, it is supposed by some, had been on their way from the Moravian Indians, in Northampton county, to the big island." The Garrick Association of Reading.20 218 history OF berks AND lebanon countiess hired man; arrived at Harris' Ferry the 30th, being rainy weather.My informant says, he knows that a fort had been erected on his grandfather's farm, to which, in great emergencies, the neighbors fled for safety.Conway, it seems, during the action, was found in a farm-house by Generals Reed and Cadwalader.Therefore, I thought pro- per to despatch this messenger to imform your Honor.T Laid before, the Assembly, Sept.A portage over this section was accordingly recommended : an expedient which we at the present day have been compelled to adopt.

1816, Peter Fraily and Marks John Biddle.
John Graham, who fives near the gap of the Indian town iireek, had a steer killed, about millionar sucht frau fernsehprogramm sunrise, or before, and John Pennsylvania Gazette, August 11, kostenlos frauen kennenlernen 1757.
Number of hands employed 5 journeymen; and have manufactured for sale, from 75 to 100 machines the past season.
His journal of this mission, is replete with thrilling incidents.This happened on the farm now owned.The heart shrinks from portraying the scenes of horror the barbarous murderers butchered the whites in the field at their meals in bed at every unguarded hour.As early as 1751, the following taxables resided in this township: John Ebrecht, James Macnees, David Fischer, Jacob Mire, Mathias Grey,.The message was delivered to George Gabriel, and to about ten whites more, among whom were my two sons, by a Dela- ware Indian, named Enoch, and a white man called Lawrence Book, who came with the Indians as a companion.

In 1748, they held a synod for the transaction of ecclesiastical business in the wooden building, on the banks of Quitopahila.