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With allusion to the proverbial method of tempting a donkey to move by dangling a carrot before.
One unusual use of colons is in between the chapter and verses of a Biblical citation, for instance, "Matthew 6:5." In bibliographic citation a colon separates the city from the publisher: "New York: New Directions, 1979." It also separates minutes from hours in times.
Concensus/consensus You might suppose that this word had to do with taking a census of the participants in a discussion, but it doesn't.So the sentences should read "My mother and I are going shopping" and "Our mothers and we are going shopping." But if that doesn't seem obvious, try eliminating everything but the pronoun and the verb: "Us are going shopping" should be "we are going shopping.".When at Macbeth State University the Glamis Hall soccer team plays against the one from Dunsinane Hall, that's an intramural game.Thus any striking weakness can be called an "Achilles' heel." To remember the meaning of "heal note that it is the beginning of the word "health." hear/here If you frau in berlin mit benzin ubergossen find yourself writing sentences like "I know I left my wallet hear!" you should note that.When writing in English, don't half-translate it as "wonderkind." YA'LL/Y'ALL "How y'all doin'?" If you are rendering this common Southernism in print, be careful where you place the apostrophe, which stands for the second and third letters in "you." Note that "y'all" stands for "you.Happy belated birthday/belated happy birthday When someone has forgotten your birthday, they're likely to send you a card reading "Happy Belated Birthday." But this is a mistake.She thought he was an irritating little tagalong.In casual speech, Americans have evolved the slangy expression "you guys" to function as a second-person plural, formerly used of males only but now extended to both sexes; but this is not appropriate in formal contexts.To say of snowflakes that the possible variety of their shape is infinite is incorrect: surely one could theoretically calculate the maximum possible size of something one could justly call a "snowflake calculate the number of molecules possible in that volume, and the number.

Examples: the theory of gravity, the wave theory of light, chaos theory.
Flounder/founder As a verb, "founder" means "to fill with water and sink." It is also used metaphorically of various kinds of equally catastrophic failures.
TO/TOO/TWO People seldom mix "two" up with the other two; it obviously belongs with words that also begin with TW, like "twice" and "twenty" that involve the number.Miner/minor Children are minors, but unless they are violating child-labor laws, those who work in mines are miners."Et." is a scholarly abbreviation of the Latin phrase "et alia which means "and others." It is commonly used when you don't want to name all the people or things in a list, and works in roughly the same way as "etc." "The reorganization.Although some dictionaries now accept the latter spelling for jewelry, you risk looking ignorant to many readers if you use.KEY "Deceptive marketing is key to their success as a company." "Careful folding of the egg whites is key." This very popular sort of use of "key" as an adjective by itself to mean "crucial" sets the teeth of some of us on edge.How do you use "both" in a possessive construction?But "in regards to" is nonstandard.Maddening crowd/madding crowd When Thomas Hardy titled one of his novels Far from the Madding Crowd he was"ng a phrase from Thomas Gray's 1750 poem "Elegy on a Country Churchyard" which used the now archaic word "madding meaning "going crazy "acting crazy." The only.

Suppose you have written "but the cake he made for my birthday, however, was his old girlfriend's favorite buttload/boatload The original expression (meaning "a lot both more polite and more logical, is "boatload." butt naked/buck naked The standard expression is "buck naked and the contemporary.
Note that we say "I don't give a damn not "I give a damn" unless it's set in some kind of negative context such as "do you really think I give a damn?" or "do I look like I give a damn?' The same goes.