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Andy stanley love sex and dating pt 4

For this section, I was grateful.
Still I pressed onward with hopes of encountering helpful gems of wisdom and Christian counsel over the next 200 pages.
While I didn't agree with all he had to say and perhaps the theology behind it, I have to say if you can ignore the churchy hype, this guy has something important to say about love, sex, and marriage.more.
It fails to lay out clearly the sanctity of marriage and its divine purpose, which has to do with much more than fulfilling our relational satisfaction"s.
Sadly, Stanleys new book does little to ease the bubbling concerns of faithful Christians listening to the Georgia pastors provocative sermons and statements coupled with questionable silence on unorthodox teachings.Stanley does expound on his amusing sound bites, but prefers to draw from clever anecdotes and humorous stories rather than Scripture.He states the way to resolve your relationship issues is with a clear sex and dating book head before you get involved with sex.As a pastor, it is disappointing that he avoids Genesis 2, which clearly lays out the purpose of marriage, namely, that it is a covenant relationship between one man, one woman, and God.After all, the author is the Evangelical pastor of the largest church in America.The books strength lies in providing clarity on the idea that love is an action, not an emotion.He continues, Church happens to be my context.Let us say that I agree with most of his methods.The Kindle version was cheap,.99 so I bought it out of a curiosity for what the loyal opposition is doing.Most of us want something better for our children.While Stanley does not blatantly deviate from historic Christian teaching on the subjects discussed (in the book, at least he does little to define or defend their divine purpose within its pages.Sex is a powerful binding element in human relationships, but it does not guarantee longevity in a committed relationship.

Im grateful that Stanley tackles other tough issues like sexual purity before marriage and how to explain biblical submission to our friends.
We might expect an Evangelical pastors answer to explain that he did not address this community because lgbt lifestyles do not fit the parameters of marriage as God defined.
For example, in the second chapter he explains that preparation is more important than commitment when it comes to marriage.
Stanleys move away from orthodoxy is more evident while discussing his new book with Religion News Services Jonathan Merritt.
Undoubtedly, he has provided Bible-based premarital and martial counseling to thousands of struggling couples.Red flags started to rise.Nor does it do his readers any good, I might add.As I stumble through the awkward limbo of single, yet soon-to-be-married, Ive tried to read every resource tagged within the marriage, love, and relationships genre.Stanleys answer was quite different.

Andy Stanleys Troubling New Sermon, I urge you to.).