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Manly: I have a stack of documents here.
Clergy Misconduct Oversight Board only heard hypothetical cases, while touted in the press as advisors.A.
In that case, Father Michael Baker had gotten away with pedophilia for so long, he was barely hiding it by the time he met altar boy Luis C, whose charges were recent enough to fall within the statute of limitations and helped put the priest.Q: So the saab Board and its follow on board is cmore?Manly: What is this, Judge?Byrne: I had no idea.Manly ( right ) released suche frauen mit grosser oberweite transcripts of depositions of Judge Richard Byrne and Bishop Thomas Curry, as well as the.A.Hennigan: And I'm not going to agree to continue.Case was settled, or dismissed as it is called legally, on March 25, 2010, two months after the deposition of Mahony was interrupted.) (Note,"s in this blog post are copy and pasted directly from transcripts, with excess verbiage removed for sake of story, but.Q: Were you under the impression based on these hypothetical cases that you learned about that there were priests serving in the archdiocese that had previously molested children and were allowed to return to ministry?Manly: That's fine but, Judge, there's a variety of documents I haven't gotten.See also a, pDF of the memo.Q You don't ever remember Monsignor Loomis or Dire or Cox telling you that Father Fred or Father X had sodomized a child?

Cases of Priest Misconduct Went to the Clergy Misconduct Oversight Board As Hypothetical Cases.
Manly, representing plaintiff Luis., asked at the January 25, 2010, deposition of Cardinal Roger Mahony: *manly: There were two boards, saab and then another board after 2002, is that right?
Who does he think he is?
If the judge decides that we have got to come back for another day, then we will.
Manly: lokale klatschen abgeben No, I'm not going to agree to conclude the deposition.Judge, when they were talking about Father Fred, would they say, "Hypothetically Father Fred had sodomized altar boy Jim or how did that work?Manly did not finish deposing the Cardinal last January 25th:.(CofA: WAS HE sleeping?) judge byrne: I don't have a recollection about any of these cases.THE court: Everybody calm down.THE court: I understand but - it's got to go in at a faster pace So three hours really ought to be able.See City of Angels for the text of the important 5/26/10 Hodgman memo on investigating Mahony 1 2 3 with commentary.Doe 1.My point, your honor.

Even John Manly seems astounded to hear the name of a lay committee in Los Angeles assigned to oversee sexual "misconduct" of Catholic priests.
(But then the Luis.
The news reported that cmob advised the Archbishop on how to handle pedophile and other priest sex crimes.